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Where Is Your Happy Place?


I love to walk and I love being out in nature.  Wherever I live, I end up finding some little corner of the world that I call my “Happy Place”.  For me, it’s usually walking distance, and preferably near a body of water.  I’ve been lucky to call a jetty and a bay some of my favorite Happy Places.  I’m also partial to a good swing, so my Happy Place has been in playgrounds, too.

My latest spot is a lake at a state park.  It’s only a mile from my house, so it’s an easy walk.  It’s been my place of solace.  I usually sit in the lifeguard chair and journal, or just relax with a coffee and enjoy the view.

I walk some main streets to get there, with a lot of office parks along the way.  It’s 8:00 am this morning, so it’s really busy.  I see all the commuters passing by and pulling in to their buildings.  Do I miss my hour and a half commute to the city, where I sat at a desk and stared into a computer monitor for eight plus hours, only to commute another hour and a half home?  Nope, not at all.  Do I feel a pang of guilt that I’m not “working”?  Ummm, yes, just a pang.

That quickly subsides when I arrive at my destination.  Now I am calling THIS my office!  As I walk up to a picnic table (er...I mean, my desk) and look out at the lake, a feeling of peace washes over me.  I love my real life screen saver!  I look over to see my coworkers, a gaggle of Canadian geese, making their way to the watering hole.  They never cease to amuse me.

Sure, it often goes through my mind that I “should” be putting my time in somewhere, but I have to change my perception of work.  I’m used to the idea of trading hours for dollars.  You give your time, you get paid.  But being an entrepreneur now (still trying that name on for size!), it’s necessary for me to do some serious contemplation.  What service do I provide?  What is my mission?

If I could bottle this feeling I get when I’m in my Happy Place…this deep, quiet, centered feeling of peace and oneness with the world…I would be a billionaire.  And I want to share it.  So that is my mission ~ to help and inspire people to find their Happy Place.

When I’m in my Happy Place, worries melt away and the world opens up.  It’s easily accessed when I’m in nature, but my goal is to “take it off the mat”, as they say in the yoga community.  The more I can contact that Happy Place inside, the stronger it becomes…just like exercising a muscle.  It often takes a soothing environment to help me tap in, to recharge my batteries, but I am finding more and more that I carry it with me.

Challenge for the week:  Where is your Happy Place?

Where do you feel happy?  Make an effort to go there often.

I am drawn to nature, but you can find it anywhere, and you can have many Happy Places.  It could be your bathtub or an old easy chair that fits like a glove.  It could be a particular room in your house, your backyard garden, a neighborhood park, the morning nook where you have your tea as the sunrise streams through the window.  Go explore!

Have a great week and go find your Happy Place!

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