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The Extended Bodies

In my recent blog, Do You Have Healthy Boundaries?, I discovered what defines the limits of my being, not just my physical body, but my personal space, my space bubble.  It got me thinking, now that I know I have a definite boundary, what’s going on within that space?

I was thinking about the life force, the substance within our space bubble.  We can’t see it, but it exists.  It’s some kind of energy, so what exactly is energy?

There is an invisible force in the Universe that gives life to everything.  In it’s most simplistic terms, it is called energy.  Energy is a source of power.  The Sun may be one of the greatest sources of energy for life here on Earth.  Along with solar, there are other natural resources harnessed to provide power: water, wind, and fossil fuels.  And there are many other forms of energy, such as mechanical, chemical, electrical, magnetic, and gravitational, to name a few.

We learned in middle school that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed or transferred…so it must be powerful!

We are made of energy, the breath of life.  It has been called many things in different spiritual traditions throughout the ages.  In the book of Genesis, it is called Ruach in Hebrew, meaning Spirit.  In Ancient Indian traditions, it is called Prana.  It is Ch’i or Qi in Chinese culture, and Ki in Japan.  Regardless of what you call it, it is an undeniable force that keeps us alive.

So everything is made of up energy.  Besides the process of our breathing air in and out to provide energy, we also eat food, exercise and move our bodies for energy.  And we share energy with other living beings; not only with physical contact, such as a hug, but also with our words and expressions.  Think of the energy you feel when you’re walking down the street and someone looks in your eyes and smiles!  That can change your whole day.

What I learned some 30 years ago was that we have extended bodies, vibrational energetic bodies, that extend beyond our skin.  It’s been called the human aura, or Human Energetic Field.  Kirlian photography has been able to capture the electrical coronal discharges, showing a glow of energy around an object, such as a leaf or a hand.  And there is Aura Imaging photography, introduced by Guy Coggins in 1992, that can show the various colors of one’s aura.  While there has been controversy and skepticism in whether these photographs actually record the life force, I hope we can all agree that we are radiating energy.

There are many systems and theories that describe and explain energy bodies.  Some say there are three bodies, some up to twelve and beyond.  I am going to explain the system that I first learned, which has four energy bodies contained within our personal space.  Each energy body has it’s own energy field, plane or dimension.

The first is our physical bodies.  The energy of our physical bodies is the slowest vibrating and most dense.  It is what we can see and touch, physical matter, that gives us the sense of being separate from everything else on this physical plane.  It also contains all of the other three energy bodies.

Within our body and extending just beyond our skin, about a quarter of an inch, is our etheric body.  This is the energy that gives us life.  It is our own personal life force that animates our bodies, and connects to our chakras and meridians.  (Chakras are energy centers in the body.  There are seven major ones running along our spine, from the root chakra to the crown of the head, and many minor ones throughout the body.  These are often mapped out as acupuncture points in Chinese medicine.  Meridians are the pathways that the energy moves along).  This energy has a higher rate of vibration than the physical body, but they are working in conjunction with each other.  This is the energy you feel when you rub your hands together, or when your hairs stand on edge.

The third body, which is contained within the other two and extending further out from the etheric body, is the astral body.  It is vibrating at an even higher level.  This is the field of our emotions and sensations.  It is connected to the body through the etheric body, which acts as a bridge.  All of your emotions are expressed in this field.  You know when you can “feel” someone else’s emotions…your astral body is resonating with theirs, and it is translated to your physical body through your etheric body.

The fourth body, contained within all of the other three and extending out beyond the astral, is the mental body.  It is an even faster and finer vibration than the others.  This is the dimension of thought, ideas, imagination and information.  This is a plane all it’s own.  Information is energy vibrating – it’s everywhere, all the time.  What’s in your space bubble are the thoughts that resonate with some part of you.  All of your memories and experiences are recorded here.  This is the field where you can access the answers to all of your questions.  The key is in learning how to focus and fine tune.

Your boundaries encompass all of these energy bodies.  Any new information in your thought body will influence your astral body, your emotions, in some way, shape or form, which in turn will affect the etheric body and be translated into your body.

You can’t change one body without changing them all.  They are all interconnected and working in conjunction with each other.  Information is passed both ways in and out of these bodies, like a domino effect.  All of the energy bodies resonate with each other and over time, your system will become “tuned” to certain patterns of energy and stimuli.  Think of a radio station.  There are hundreds of stations with all of the signals being broadcast at all times, but unless you tune into a station, you will not receive it.

Challenge of the week:  Become aware of your extended bodies.

A few times a day, take a moment to quiet yourself.  Imagine your boundary, a defined edge or shell surrounding you, about an arm’s length distance from your body.  Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.  Exhale.  Ask yourself these questions:

* What am I focused on?  What are my thoughts and what is my mind doing (analyzing, planning, worrying, organizing, fantasizing)?

* What am I feeling (happy, sad, mad or scared…or any combination)?

* Where am I feeling it in my body?

Your thoughts create an emotion, which you can feel in your body.  Imagine that you are carrying all of these extended bodies around with you in your space bubble.

Ask yourself, is this what I want in my bubble?

Know that your space bubble belongs to YOU.  This is your space.  You bring into your space whatever it is you are focusing on.  Thought waves are floating in the air at all times, like radio station broadcasts.  You can let them come and go…it’s only the station you tune into that “manifests” in your reality.  Just like you can choose what food you want to put in your body, you can choose what energy you want to put in your personal space.  You can focus on whatever thoughts you want, it’s a matter of practice and exercising your ability to focus…to make a conscious choice.

The more you become aware of your thoughts/emotions/physical sensations, the more you will be able to strengthen your ability to fine tune your focus.

Here’s wishing you a great week!

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below.

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