Feeling Lucky?

My mom was born in Ireland, and I spent most of my childhood summers there.  It was like a second home.  I loved being surrounded by my family and the culture.  And perhaps it’s the influence of the Irish folklore I grew up with, but there’s a special place in my heart for four-leaf clovers.

Often times when I’m out walking, I find myself drawn to patches of clover, where I’ll stop and search for the four-leaf variety.  Sometimes I feel myself looking with determination, as if I’m certain one is there but just hiding on me…almost like I dropped something and I’m straining to find it.  But it never works that way.

A few weeks ago, I was taking my morning walk.  I generally start off on the same path, where I cross a street and go over a grassy knoll, and then proceed wherever I feel called to go.  On this particular day, as I was cresting the top of the hill and looking down at my footing, there, staring up at me clear as day, was a four-leaf clover!

I had a moment of disbelief and bent down to make sure it really was a four-leaf, and not a leaf from another clover playing a trick on me.  So, I plucked it!  Then to my amazement as my eyes scanned the patch, lo and behold…I found another one!  And another!  I found three four-leaf clovers that day.

In the days to follow, I found more four-leaf clovers, and some five-leaf ones, too.  I had found myself a lucky patch of clover.  It was an exciting time for me, and connected me to a feeling of magic and mystery.  It felt like I won the lottery and gave me a sense that everything was going to be okay.

The first four-leaf clover I ever found was in the playground of my elementary school.  I have found a few more throughout my life, but it had been a long time since I found another.  In looking back, I realize that when I was searching, I never found them.  The truth is, when I wasn’t looking, THEY FOUND ME.

All of my futile attempts, my searching and searching.  It’s like playing the numbers in the lottery or gambling in Vegas.  There are people who play all the time, maybe win a little here and there, enough to keep them in the game.  But you always hear these stories of the really big winners.  They’re the ones that say they never play, but one day they stopped at a convenient store and something told them to buy a ticket.  Boom.  They’re multi-millionaires.

Maybe it’s beginner’s luck, where a novice gains great success right out of the gate.  What’s going on there?  I believe that they’re following their instincts and haven’t had a chance to get too much in their heads.  Sometimes we can trip ourselves up by knowing too much or thinking too much.

We spend much of our lives searching and searching, chasing after things that we think will make us happy, will fulfill us in some way.  We lose faith, or fall back on a limiting belief that we’re not capable, we’re not worthy, and we just sabotage ourselves.  We think of all the ways it can’t happen and we end up spinning our wheels.  And in the meanwhile, we don’t see what’s right in front of us.  We miss out on opportunity.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” – Seneca, Roman philosopher

Luck is also part perspective.  Sometimes getting what we want doesn’t always pan out the way we hoped…take winning the lottery, for example.  In an instant, your life has been dramatically changed.  There are some horror stories about the aftermath of winning the lottery.  You’re introduced to a whole new set of decisions that need to be made, stressors and problems.  It has an effect on every aspect and every relationship in your life…and then the honeymoon’s over.  (Although I wouldn’t say no to winning the lottery, mind you…I’m just sayin’!)

Challenge for the week:  Feeling lucky?

What is something that you really want:  A new car?  New job?  Soulmate?  Children and a family?  A house?  To lose weight?

Set your intention.  Be clear about what it is you want.  Make a plan if you feel so inclined.  Pay attention to any subconscious thoughts that may pop up…the negative programming that gives you all the reasons why you don’t have what you want, why you can’t have what you want.  Acknowledge them and let them all go.

Then relax and enjoy where you are and who you are right NOW.  The power is in the present moment.  The power is in the pause, when you’re not paying attention to the thoughts and beliefs that hold you back.  I believe that we need to plant the seed with our intention, water it with love, but then sit back and let it grow.  If it’s meant to appear, it will.

And as luck would have it, your manifestations will find you!

Wishing you good luck!  Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

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