Let’s Coach!

Hiring a coach can be unnerving.  You feel vulnerable.  Perhaps you feel like you can figure it out on your own.  I’ve been there, for sure!

We are social beings!  Having a support system is crucial, even if it’s one person to be your “buddy”.  I go to evening yoga classes with a friend.  In the Northeast, when daylight savings time is over, and it gets cold and dark early…it’s so easy to want to chill out at home, just watching TV, all wrapped up in a blanket.  But because I go with my friend, we keep each other motivated.  That’s kind of what I do as a Life Coach…and more.

I trained with Martha Beck’s Life Coach Training…(now called Wayfinder Coach Training as our purpose is to help ourselves and others find our Way!).  Martha is a best selling author of books such as Finding Your Own North Star and Steering by Starlight, and is also known as Oprah’s life coach.

I have been a “self-help junkie” since the ’80s and continue to delve into so many interests and topics in an effort to understand life, understand myself, my relationships, my health…you name it!  And Martha’s training gave me a treasure trove of helpful tools to navigate finding my way and helping you find yours.

Besides being a support system to achieve goals, I help my clients uncover their limiting beliefs.  I believe the only thing really stopping us is our minds…our thoughts and beliefs about a situation.  And it’s hard for us to see the blocks when we’re “too close to the project”…I help to find creative perspectives.

Sometimes it’s hard to find an unbiased friend to talk confide in.  I am a great listener and I provide a sacred space for my clients, a fully confidential and neutral place to unload.

For those of you unsure, I offer a FREE, yes FREE! 30 minute call.  It’s a “no commitment, let’s get to know each other, see if we fit” kind of call.

Please feel free to send me a message on my contact page…I would love to hear from you!