Heart, You

Decisions, Decisions

At some point in life, we are sure to be met with a roadblock.  It could be anything: a corporate layoff, an illness, a divorce, a fire or a natural disaster.  Something that happens to you or someone you love, and it stops you in your tracks.  Something that you weren’t prepared for that forces… Continue reading Decisions, Decisions

Heart, Presence, You

Are You a Missing Puzzle Piece?

I’ve recently been cleaning out stuff from my childhood home.  I found a sack in the attic of mostly cards, letters and notes from the '70s and '80s…literally every piece of paper with writing on it that was ever mailed to me or passed to me in class at school.  (We were BIG note passers… Continue reading Are You a Missing Puzzle Piece?

Appreciation, Presence

Stop and Smell the Roses

We live in a world that too often feels like the fast lane of a super highway.  We’re on information overload and things are changing so rapidly.  Technology and convenience are the name of the game as we race to consume whatever we can. Sure, I love technology and convenience as much as the next… Continue reading Stop and Smell the Roses